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Netflix secret codes. How can you see all hidden movies and tv shows?

If you are a Netflix fan, you are probably tired of going on the platform every night and watching the same trending movies or sitting for hours looking for a movie / series to watch with your spouse or friends. Well, Netflix has at least a weird algorithm for sorting movie and series genres, and that translates into some codes that you need to input into the platform to access them.

With these codes you can watch all the movies and series on Netflix, depending on your favorite genre. Let's see how it works.

Let's begin, I say!

How to do it

Well, it's pretty simple. Depending on your genre preferences, choose one of the codes below to see the range of movies you want. After that you need to input the code into the platform - for this you have two options:

1. If you watch TV: Type the code in the search bar of the platform

2. If you are looking at your laptop/TV: Replace "ABC" in the following link with the desired code:

I have replaced ABC with the code 6839 on my laptop and here's the result (6839 is the code for documentaries)

Enough with the intro! Here are the codes!

Wow, wow, alright. Below you will be able to find the codes. Getting excited, huh?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 1492

1568 Action Ski - Fi and fantasy

3327 Alien Sci - Fi

47147 Ski - Fi and classic fantasy

4734 Cult Sci - Fi and fantasy

9744 Fantasy movies

6485 Sci-Fi and foreign fantasy

6926 Skiing - Fi adventure

3916 Drama Sci - Fi

1694 Horror movies Sci - Fi

4370 Sports movies

12339 Baseball movies

12762 Basketball Movies

12443 Movies with boxing

12803 Football movies

8985 Martial arts films

6695 Martial arts, boxing and wrestling

12549 Football movies

9327 Sports and fitness

5286 Sports Comedies

180 Sports Documentation

7243 Sports dramas

TV shows83

52117 British TV Shows

46553 Classic TV shows

26146 Criminal TV Shows

74652 Cult TV shows

72436 Food and travel

27346 Children's TV

67879 Korean TV Shows

25804 Military TV Shows

4814 Miniseries

9833 Reality TV

52780 Science and nature

1372 Sci-Fi TV and fantasy

10673 TV action and adventure

10375 TV Comedies

10105 TV Documentation

11714 Drama TV

83059 Horror TV

4366 TV mystery